Obscured Identity

Thematic photography project

Photography is a commonly used media to tell us the "reality". We know what is happening on the opposite side of the world by photo-journalism, and we use photos as an evidence of certain events. These examples show the reason photos are considered to be a reality recorder.

On the other hand, it is true that photography is merely an image through a lens which is chemically reflected onto a piece of film. It is also true that considerable distortion can be made on the photographer's intension and during photochemical processing. In other words, what we see on a photo IS different from the image we see when we are right in front of it.

Despite of these points, photography is still believed to be a media to carry the "reality". It made me assume that a photographer is the one who defines a "reality". Throughout the photo-shooting sessions, I kept the following concept in my mind:

"Reality is not something which merely exists, but something I make"